Firstly, Make a list of clothings that you are interested in
Why you need to do that? – Because of the fact that Each clothing manufacturer are good at producing only some kinds of clothing. Ex:, some just focus on knitted garmentwhile some are only manufacturing woven products.

Secondly, What you might concern is where to reach them
the answer is on the internet. They are all on the internet . However, how to type on google to effectly find them? .Do not type only “clothing manufacturer” on it. Take the keyword from your list, put in on google search engine with the name of an area after that. For example, the phrase “clothing manufacturer vietnam” would be much more efficient instead.

Thirdly, look insight their service with following questions

– which kind of service they are providing? A manufacturer who can provide you a full package service would always be valued one ’cause they could cover from the begin to the finished process.

– Is fabric development included in their service. It’s very economic in terms of time and money ’cause you do not need to do sourcing

+Do they have people with profound knowledge of yarn and fabric?. If yes, they would know exactly what to do to handle your requirement of fabric development and even be able to give you better option.

+ Can you realize on their sourcing department? A strong sourcing department are very important for any supplier. Without this department, they could not be flexible in their materials development. Their input materials cost would be high. Therefore, they can’t help you to buy material at reasonable price

+ Did they build a wide network of yarn & fabrics suppliers? This is an essential point to decide if they are trustworthy. Stay elert as, somtimes, people lie you with a list of suppliers while not all of them are not actually working with them. You can easily check with supplier listed by them if they are actually their partners.

And finally, Is your technical requirement a matter for them? It’s very important to be able to handle technical requirement as it will decide how good quality your product will be.

+ Would they be able to understand your idea exactly? The prerequisite to be good at manufacturder is to have good designers and technicians who are able got your idea of the products very quickly and accurately. If it take you too much affort to explain them your idea, don’t keep wasting your time. Sometimes it’s not because they they are not good at their major, it’s just because they can not understand your language very well. If they could speak your language or English, it would help to avoid a lot of misunderstanding caused by the language barriers.

+ How many technicians they have? It would decide how fast they could handle your order. Strong technicians team could help you making good pattern, develope sample very fast, and prepared best tech-pack for bulk manufacturing The quality of your products mainly depend on them. Expcially in case of high functional products like activewear, any activewear clothing manufacturer must have in-house technicians who understand about the special structure of the product.

Do they have enough capacity to manufacture for you? I means that how goood their factory is?, How many people are there in their factory?, How many production lines they have and What kind of machine using in production.

I really hope that you could find anything that help you after reading this article

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